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About Us

Our approach

Born from a passion for events and logistics, Majestic was a hobby turned business. We are people who love looking at flight cases and vans being loaded and unloaded, we literally live for it. It is the thrill and excitement that comes from turning a concept and seeing it come to life.

We have worked on a number of different events with a number of challenges from Live Album Shows, Dance Shows, Theatre Shows, Weddings, Festivals, Fashion Shows, Award Shows and more! Within our time in the events industry we have worked with some amazing professionals who I could not recommend enough. If you are looking for an Events Team.

You found them!

Honesty & Trust
Transparency & Integrity
Professionalism & Respect
Our core beliefs

Our Values

We take pride in everything that we do. At the core of our function is our core values that we have operated with for many years and continue to make up our DNA.
We do not claim to know it all or have all the answers but rest assured we work hard to know it and to find the right person with the correct answer.

How we do it

We take pride in the quality of
services that we provide. We offer the highest
level of professionalism.


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