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Event Planning 101

Majestic Wedding

Planning an event is not an easy task; there is so much to do with a lot of tasks at hand and a budget in mind. Being an event planner myself, I know the in’s and outs of the business. To make things easier for you, I have put together some of my tips and tricks on how you can plan an event successfully. These tips not only help in saving time but also ensure that any event you plan hits the mark. 

Goal Setting

The most important and first step in planning an event is to set a goal and have objectives. When you know what you want to achieve with the event, the planning process becomes easier and achievable. To reach your goal, you’ll have to set different objectives as well; divide them into categories if that makes it easier for you.

Organize Your Team

No event is possible without a team, so that is what you should do next. Put together a team and assign them tasks. Individual roles to team members will create a system of accountability, so make sure to have regular meetings to know the progress. Trust in your team to do the job right so that they feel confident in what they’re doing. 

Have a Budget

Your budget is determined by your client, it is important to know that in the beginning. Lots of great ideas fall apart in the end because the team did not create a budget from the get-go. When you have a budget in mind, all the decisions you make about the event are based on that. Some important expenses to include are the venue, food, entertainment, décor, staff and marketing. 

Become a Time Maestro

Time is everything when it comes to an event! Become best friends with your calendar and write everything down on it. From meetings with your team to a food tasting; you should have all your days planned ahead. Time management is the key to planning a successful event. 

If you don’t have fun whilst planning your event. You will burn out very quickly and small little things will frustrate you. 

Keep Calm and Have Fun

Planning an event is a long task, so make sure you stay calm during the entire process. As an event planner, you set the tone for the entire event and if you break down, your team will follow. Stay positive and just have fun with it! 

And that is how we believe you can plan a fruitful event! Make sure to check us out for all your event planning needs since we know exactly how to make that happen. From weddings to corporate events; we can turn your dream into reality.